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Membership & Nightly Fees

As from 1st Oct 2020, we will be changing to the following fee structure for the NKFDG to allow for higher costs by White Oaks:
Tying Nights: £20 for the year or £5 guest membership per night. 
Meeting nights: £25 for the year including membership; £5 guest membership per night. 
Costs of the rooms at White Oaks has risen over the years, and last year by 10%, but the membership has been kept at £3 for some years. It has reached a stage where we need to increase the fees to start to cover the basic room cost. 
If White Oaks continue to increase the costs of their rooms next year, the committee may have to increase fees next year to compensate.

NKFDG Competitions - with immediate effect.

The committee has agreed that going forward, anyone entering a North Kent FDG fishing competition must be a member of the main Fly Dressers Guild in order that they, the branch, the venue, and anyone involved in any incident, are fully covered by the Guilds Insurance policy giving £5 million of Civil Liability Insurance. Membership is only £17 per year if done by Standing Order, and offers access to the FDG Guild Award scheme and retail discounts as well the aforementioned insurance.

You will be asked for your membership number/card when you join the branch and/or each fishing competition.

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